24/05/2012 08:47 BST | Updated 24/05/2012 08:53 BST

Edgar Wright Has Created Brandon Generator - Now He Needs You To Help Him Finish The Story...

Edgar Wright is searching for a woman, but not just any woman.

She’s the lady who has contributed a witty, but anonymous, voicemail message to his interactive, animated series - The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator. Wright has included her on the second episode, and wants to use her again for the third. He just doesn’t know how to get hold of her.

(You can watch the second episode HERE, and see if you recognise her…)

The writer, most renowned for Spaced, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz and usually to be found sharing credits with Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Joe Cornish, has branched out with illustrator Tommy Lee Edwards to indulge his own childhood love – comics.

Now, he’s created the animated character of Brandon Generator, but he’s clear that, while the premise and character are his creation, the storyline and outcome remain in the hands of his collaborators – and that could be anyone, thanks to his embracing the 21st century idea of crowd-sourcing.

As with the most recent big screen example of Iron Sky, crowd-sourcing relies, as it sounds, on contributions from the public – so why has Edgar Wright, who doesn’t need to look very far for collaborators, embraced this relatively new thing?

“I’ve always enjoyed interacting with fans of my work, on the internet, on Twitter, so this is a great chance to take it one step further.

“When we were writing Spaced, we used to get ideas sent to us, and we’d have to shy away from them, because we knew what we wanted to do. This time… I’m not precious about it at all, the character’s in a fix and he needs your help. With art, prose, we’ll incorporate as many good ideas as we can.

“I’ve created the seedline – now what we need is a punchline.”

Wright and the team have released two monthly episodes of Brandon’s story, with two more due for this initial series. They’ve already received thousands of ideas – “what’s been great is that people really want to help him out, and seem to be able to write in his voice, so it’s been consistent, even with ideas from so many different contributors.”

For those looking to contribute to Brandon’s story, Edgar has another tip: “definitely those who get in touch up to 96 hours after each episode goes out, have a better chance of getting their ideas included. It’s getting a bit crowded.”

That goes for you, too, mystery girl.

Click HERE for more information on how you contribute to Edgar's tale...