24/05/2012 09:27 BST

TONIGHT'S TV PICK: Eurovision Semi-Final 2, National Treasures, Last Ever House

Eurovision Semi-Final 2 - BBC3, 8pm

Tonight's a big night in the Eurovision Song Contest , as us Brits are allowed to vote! In the first semi-final we had to shout our comments about contestants' greasy hair and weird vocals at the TV and simply tweet our favourites, but tonight we can pick up the phone and... make a difference.

Scott Mills and Sara Cox continue their coverage from the eclectic singing competition, which puts X Factor's kooky acts to shame, from the Crystal Hall in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Swedish singer Loreen, Serbian Eurovision veteran Zeljko Joksimovic, Norwegian star Tooji and Turkish singer-songwriter Can Bonomo are all tipped for success. Plus we get to find out Engelbert Humperdinck's first impressions of Azerbaijan's capital.

National Treasures - BBC1, 9pm

Diamond Jubilee-centered TV is hotting up. Tonight, in a special Queen-related National Treasures, Sian Williams and Dan Snow present from Westminster Abbey a special edition of the show celebrating Britain's past.

From Twiggy in conversation with the designers of the monarch's clothes to Larry Lamb examining the increasing value of 1950s memorabilia, it's all very regal.

Last Ever Episode of House - Everybody Dies - Sky1, 10pm

Can it really be the end? With a title like 'Everybody Dies' it seems House is pretty serious about this being the last episode of the drama's eight-year run.

In this final episode, the dour but delectable doctor examines his life and personal demons as he treats a drug-addicted patient. The show has already aired in the US, but I won't give away the ending. Hankies at the ready...