25/05/2012 05:03 BST | Updated 25/05/2012 05:41 BST

Georgia Davis, Britain's Fattest Teenager, Winched From House

Britain's fattest teenager was cut out of her house on Thursday by scaffolders, builders and Fire and Rescue services after she had ballooned to a massive 63-stone.

Georgia Davis, from Aberdare, Mid-Glamorgan, had put on so much weight that she had become stranded in her bed, forcing rescuers to knock down two walls before winching her out on a crane so that she could be taken to hospital for a life-saving operation.

The corpulent 19-year-old required more than 40 men to remove her from the council house that, because of her increasing size, had become a prison.

Fortunately, the army or workers called in managed to remove a first floor window before pulling down the walls allowing Davis to be winched onto a stretcher and into a waiting ambulance.

The teen was taken to hospital for a life-saving operation

Just days before the weighty youth had taken to Facebook in desperation, writing: "I'm in bed but problem is can't get up."

Davis had also complained about getting stuck on the loo "for like 20 minutes and if you sit on the loo for that long it bloody hurts".

"My legs hurt and so do my back though my knees will give out if I stay seated any longer."

Georgia was first identified as Britain’s fattest teen in 2008, weighing in at a ponderous 33-stone when just 15-years-old.

Since then the junk food addict has almost doubled in size.

The tiny street in the Welsh industrial town was shut off to avoid onlookers as the operation to remove her from the house was carried out.

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