25/05/2012 12:17 BST | Updated 25/05/2012 12:20 BST

Sir Alex Ferguson Will Retire 'After Next Season' Says Wigan Athletic Chairman Dave Whelan

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson will retire "after next season", according to Wigan Athletic chairman Dave Whelan.

The Scot enjoys a good relationship with Whelan, who told ESPN: "After next season, Sir Alex will call it a day. The pressure is telling, especially when you are at the top for so long. The older you get the harder it is to cope with all that pressure, and eventually it will affect you. Sir Alex is resilient and I know he will want to carry on until he drops, and I respect what he has achieved as everyone does."

According to The Guardian, last week Ferguson was taken to a Glasgow hospital after suffering a nosebleed which would not stop.

Whelan added: "I am sure his intention was to carry on for two or three, maybe even more years, but he has had a little scare in the last week or so and that tells me he will think very hard, and realise there is no point trying to carry on for another five years and take the risk."