27/05/2012 20:01 BST | Updated 27/07/2012 06:12 BST

BAFTA TV Awards: Doctor Who, Sherlock Creator Stephen Moffat Receives Special Award

The man they call "The Moffinator" received his Special Award at this weekend's TV BAFTAs from his two leading men.

His two most popular characters, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who - actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Matt Smith, respectively - joined forces to pay tribute to the man whose scripts, according to Smith, "are generally late, but you forgive him because they're so good".

And Moffat, of whom said "he's a bad but funny dancer, and brilliantly cantankerous about the world" looked anything but cantankerous as he accepted his award.

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Although he was being recognised for his wide range of work dating from his big break writing Press Gang, he said that he knew he was on stage for his two big current shows, Sherlock and Doctor Who.

He thanked his Sherlock collaborator Mark Gatiss, whom he borrowed from the prose of Holmes to call "the wisest man I have ever known" and his wife, producer Sue Vertue - "the wisest woman I have ever married."

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