28/05/2012 11:30 BST | Updated 28/05/2012 13:22 BST

'Cassetteboy Vs. The Diamond Queen' Is A Royally Filthy Mash-Up (VIDEO)

Cassetteboy have pointed their barbed satirical spike in the direction of many esteemed people over the years, including James Bond, Alan Sugar and, um, Nick Griffin - but today's they've taken on the Queen, and the result is just as wonderfully childish as you'd expect.

Essentially two minutes of Andrew Marr chopped up and and remixed into an incredibly puerile joke, it's not for any royalists kicking about this here internet, but if you like crude metaphors for 'making love' made out of TV journalists' witterings, you've come to the right place.

And for more of Cassetteboy's fine work, check out our video gallery below - and if that's not enough, take a look at our interview with the double act behind it all thisaway.