28/05/2012 07:14 BST | Updated 28/05/2012 07:48 BST

Cheryl Cole: 'I've Dined With Prince Charles And Sat In A Crack Den'

Cheryl Cole has always been fiercely proud of her Geordie roots (remember the seriously amazing on-air spat she had with Wagner during The X Factor about it?).

Now she has launched a fresh tirade against critics who mock her working class background, admitting, "I'm a chav, aren't I?"

Speaking to The Observer, Cheryl told of how she hopes her success is winding up her haters, believing being branded 'Queen of the Chavs', is actually a compliment.

"I love it. What's that about – being derogatory about someone who's done well from nothing? That's hilarious," she said. "I love that. I hope I really wind them up. Again, it's a big compliment – to want to drag you down, they obviously feel that you're above them."

Speaking of her fascination with the class divide, she added: "I've dined with Prince Charles, but I've also sat in a crack den, if you like.

"But you know what amazes me, too – that there are people from back home that I grew up with who have nothing, who are on the bones of their arses, no better way to put it, and they have nothing but pride.

"These people would never betray you or speak to the media. Then you meet people of another class who would happily fuck you over."

She's also recently hit out at her former X Factor protege Cher Lloyd, after the pair engaged in a very public spat earlier this year.

In a radio interview, Cher mocked Cheryl's singing abilities after revealing the Girls Aloud singer had failed to get in touch after the show finished.

Speaking to We Love Pop magazine, Cheryl branded her "bitchy" and admitted she had failed to say thank you to her.

"After the show, I got the most lovely, heartfelt text message from Rebecca and a lovely message from TreyC, but I didn’t hear a thing from Cher. There was no thank you," she said.

"So, you don’t contact me, but you want me to run around after you? It’s disappointing that she’s felt the need to come out and be bitchy, but that’s up to her."

It's not the only controversy Cheryl's been wrapped up in lately, as over the weekend, she was at the centre of accusations she'd mimed her comeback performance on The Voice.

However, Cheryl's people have since dismissed the speculation, saying: "She sang live with a backing track."

That's cleared that one up then.



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