30/05/2012 11:27 BST | Updated 30/05/2012 11:33 BST

Government Hires Doogie Howser, M.D. To Improve Social Mobility In Medical Profession

Following calls that it should do more to improve social mobility in the medical profession, the Government has hired medical whizz kid Doogie Howser, M.D. as its newest advisor.

"We're extremely excited to have Doogie on board," said Health Secretary Angela Lansbury. "He's an inspiration - and proof that anyone can make it in the medical profession. Even fictional 16-year-olds."

However, the government's independent reviewer of social mobility, Alan Milbum, has warned that there is "much more work to be done" to open up medicine to those from disadvantaged backgrounds, or those who didn't go to stage school.

"We need to work with schools to provide better advice to disadvantaged children, and help demystify the profession," he said. "Recruiting Doogie is just one step; I hope that youngster will also be encouraged to watch E.R., Holby City and Young Doctors."

Milbum also recommended that the NHS develop a standardised procedure for giving teenagers from all backgrounds work in hospitals because the current system is still based on "who you know... and that's normally the director or executive producer."

"In the end, the list is long and there is no magic bullet," he added. "Although if there was a bullet, I'm sure Doogie would know how to remove it."