30/05/2012 05:01 BST

Taylor Swift To Use Songs Written By Ed Sheeran On Her Next Album

Award-winning singer Ed Sheeran's career is going from strength to strength and the star's bank balance may soon be getting a boost - he's netted a lucrative songwriting deal for Taylor Swift.

The A Team singer has penned some tunes for country singer Taylor and the songs are set to appear on the American star's next album, potentially raking in some cash through royalties when the record hits the shops.

A source told The Sun: "Ed and Taylor have been in the studio in LA a lot over the past few weeks working on new material. She's into her British music and became a massive fan of Ed before asking to work with him recently.

"There is a mutual affection between the pair. It's still to be officially decided how the material will be released but just a single credit on her album will be worth big money. Taylor's country sound is massive around the world."

Taylor's record sales are in the same league as massive acts such as Coldplay - she's shifted 22 million albums and her songs have been downloaded more than 50 million times.

A writing credit on Taylor's album could earn the Brit Award winner £200,000 and, with a credit already on One Direction's album, could help increase his profile in the US.