31/05/2012 09:19 BST | Updated 01/06/2012 11:49 BST

Diamond Jubilee Memorabilia: Mistaken Mug Features Queen Mother

The misguided memorabilia company that brought Britain the commemorative engagement mug of Kate Middleton and Prince Harry has boobed again... or has it?

Guandong Enterprises surprised and amused royalists with its unusual pairing last year, with Prince William absent from the souvenir mug, his red-haired brother printed on the porcelain instead.

As the Diamond Jubilee weekend approaches, the company have now released another bewildering memento commemorating Her Majesty's 60-year reign.

See if you can spot the mistake:

queen diamond jubilee

Guandong Enterprises' unusual Jubilee mug

Instead of Her Majesty's face, they seem to have emblazoned the Queen Mother's portrait on the mug. Beneath the mug, the sellers have seemingly compounded their well-meaning mistake, writing :

"We would like to thank our wonderful Queen Elizabeth II for staying with us through constant economic gloom and providing us with continual hope."

Other admirable sentiment expressed in the royalist speech beside the mug includes "You really are a lovely woman" and "We thank god you still have your strong Phillip Mountbatten by your side. He really is a King amongst men."

In the promotional video, the mug rotates on a regal purple pedestal. "Diamonds not included" it tells the viewer.

diamonds not included

A right royal mess-up or an elaborate joke?

Although this site seems to be related to huge Chinese conglomerate Guangdang Enterprises Holding Ltd, there is a slight difference. This company is called "Guandong" and is registered in North Finchley, London.

With every product under the sun being emblazoned in red white and blue and peddled aggressively to consumers, it could be that the commemorative cup is part of an elaborate joke.

Perhaps their product is a subtle way of telling bunting buyers and Union Jack fliers what they think they are? That is.. mugs.