31/05/2012 07:49 BST

Lingerie Model Hologram On Display Inside Paris Boutique (VIDEO)

The chances of walking past a lingerie shop in the middle of the night and seeing a half-naked model strutting around in her underwear are slim, to say the least.

But if you head down Rue Saint Florentin in Paris someday soon, you should get the chance to see a hologram version thanks to luxury lingerie merchants Empreinte and their inspired use of modern techology.

As you'll see from the video above, it's really rather neat, with the model looking pretty realistic at certain angles, encouraging passers-by to whip out their mobile phones - and iPads, would you believe - to take a snap of the ethereal electronic beauty.

In other words, Tupac ain't got nothing on this pretty lady. Though maybe she can't sing, in which case we may have to review the situation at a later date.

And to for some real people wearing lingerie, here are some celebrities wearing really not that much. Any excuse, eh?