31/05/2012 09:12 BST

WATCH: Sherlock Gets US Makeover In 'Elementary', Starring Lucy Liu, Jonny Lee Miller - Any Good? (VIDEO)

Sherlock shenanigans show no sign of abating, and now, as with all things good and European, the US want their own version to play with.

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The BBC hit version's creator Steven Moffat has poured scorn on the ideas behind the American version...

"It isn't a version of our show," he was quoted as saying at the Royal Television Society Awards. "They've just decided to go off and do one of their own, having been turned down by us to do an adaptation of our version."

"So how do you think I feel about it? Annoyed is in there."

But the truth will be in the eating.

Here's a clip below, of Jonny Lee Miller as the popular detective in the TV two-parter Elementary, and Lucy Liu - yes, a woman - playing stalwart sidekick Watson.

This story is set in contemporary times, just like Moffat's effort, but the narrative has been moved across the Atlantic, and takes place in New York city.

It seems Dr Watson has been hired to be Holmes' "sober companion" by his father, something that irks him no end. And off they go... from the writer of Headcases Rob Cuesta, with nods to The Mentalist, CSI and our very own beloved pair along the way.

See what you think - does this have the magic of Cumberbatch and Freeman's partnership, or has all the magic been lost in translation?

Elementary debuts on US screens in the autumn. Please share your comments below...