01/06/2012 12:47 BST | Updated 01/06/2012 12:55 BST

David Cameron 'Might Be An Alien' Say One In 10 Britons

One in 10 Britons believe David Cameron could be an alien, according to a Daily Star poll.

The paper reported on Friday that a survey, conducted to mark the release of the Men In Black 3 computer game, also suggested that two in five of those asked thought that if aliens did reach us it would be a positive thing for the human race.

In 2009 Cameron, the-then leader of the opposition, said he was convinced aliens had visited Earth and that "one of them is trade secretary Peter Mandelson".

He also promised to be as "open as possible" about whether the British government ever had evidence that extra-terrestrials were living among us.

"I would be quite happy to give you a guarantee that if I became prime minister I would always be entirely open and frank about these things," he told an audience at one of his Cameron Direct meetings.

So come on Dave, time to own up and tell us where you've parked your spaceship.