01/06/2012 11:46 BST | Updated 01/06/2012 11:46 BST

Incredible Moment Tourist Captures Iceberg Flipping Itself Over (VIDEO)

Stunned tourists in Argentina watched in amazement as they captured the rare moment an iceberg flipped over on itself, after a chunk of the glacier broke away.

The video, which has over 120,000 views on YouTube, is a rare chance to see such a phenomenon.

Icebergs themselves flip and rotate commonly but it is rarely ever seen by people, let alone recorded on film.

Filmed near the Upsala glacier in Argentina, the two minute video captures the whole incident as the iceberg breaks up enough to lose its balance, crashing into the water and turning over on itself.

The onlookers laugh and shout as they watch the iceberg's near side rise out of the water, with gallons of water streaming off its surface.