02/06/2012 04:25 BST

Great-Grandmother Joan Lloyd On Her Boob Job - And Her Toyboy (PICTURES)

Great-grandmother Joan Lloyd, 66, has found love with a toyboy 38 years her junior - to fulfil her dead husband's last wishes.

The pensioner, from Abergele, north Wales, moved 28-year-old Phil Absolom into the home she used to share with her late husband David.

After David died in 2010, the former model spent £4,250 of her savings on new boobs taking her from an A to an F cup - at David's request.

She was later tracked down by unemployed Phil on Facebook after he saw pictures of Joan's new assets on the internet.

And after weeks of messages and phone calls, Joan finally agreed to spend a night in a hotel with the former photographer.

Now the mother of four, who has 13 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren, says Phil has given her a new lease of life.

Joan told Barcroft Media: "Before he died in 2010 David told me to get a boob job and a toyboy after his death.

"He said 'get your boobs sorted out, they're not as good as they used to be, and get yourself a toyboy'. I know he would be proud of me now."

Joan says it took her four children a while to accept her new relationship, but now she and Phil are planning a holiday in Cuba with her daughter Anne, 45, and her partner.

Joan said: "After the story about my new boobs made the papers I received almost 500 Facebook messages from young men asking me out.

"I chose Phil because he was quite persistent and ever so sweet. We talked on the phone for hours - I ran up a £680 phone bill in a couple of weeks.

"I was due to go to London and I asked Phil if he would like to join me at the hotel. He took me for an Italian meal then stayed over with me. We didn't get a lot of sleep that night."

Despite the age gap, Joan insists Phil who has trouble keeping up with her. The fitness fanatic does 300 press ups per day and 5,000 leg exercises - as well as running five miles.

She said: "Phil calls me his pocket rocket as I have so much energy. We're like a couple of kids, we love having water fights and playing Monopoly.

"I'll hide and then jump out on him to give him a scare and he throw pillows at me.

"We're like two peas in a pod - it's like we've been together for years. The only times I can't understand him is when he uses slang terms I don't know.

"He called me a 'numpty' the other day and I had to ask my grandson what it meant."

Joan's grandson Simon, 21, regularly visits the house to talk to Phil about their favourite team Manchester Utd and play X-Box game Call of Duty.

And Joan says for the first time in years she can enjoy a fulfilling sex life.

She said: "Phil is a great lover and I can't get enough of him. I'd defy anyone to say I was too old to have a sex life - usually it's him saying he can't keep up with me."

Phil was diagnosed with severe epilepsy when he was 18 and receives incapacity benefit. The pair use their bus passes to go on shopping trips together.

In February retired carer Joan moved Phil into the home she shared with her mechanic husband of 49 years. The couple had children David, 47, Peter, 45, Anne, 43, Vivienne, 42.

They had 13 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

Joan said: "I cared for David for 15 years. He had a heart and lung condition, cirrhosis of the liver, diabetes and alzheimers.

"He wanted me to get a toyboy so I wouldn't be alone. He said I had earned it."

Joan says she loves showing off her new enhanced figure when she goes out with Phil.

She said: "My husband worked away a lot and was quite a jealous person, so I didn't tend to go out as much.

"Now I feel like I'm making up for lost time. I love wearing tight-fitting clothes, low-cut tops and high skirts.

"I still get a lot of male attention, especially from the young ones. Phil doesn't mind - I think he's proud to have me on his arm. The other day a man nearly came off his bike when he caught sight of me.

"I'm not going the sort of person to sit here and do knitting and flower arranging - you're joking aren't you?

"I'm not looking to get married again. I'm just enjoying myself."

As well as having the blessing of Joan's family, the couple are on good terms with Phil's mum, Donna, 51, and dad Malcolm, 54. And Joan regularly chats with Phil's sister Sarah, 32, on the phone.

Joan said: "I've always got on well with younger people. After David's death my neighbours, who are in their twenties, invited me to a house party.

"I was getting a lot of attention from the young guys there. One even offered to walk me home."

Phil added: "When I saw Joan in the paper I thought she looked amazing. I found her on Facebook and was over the moon when she accepted my friend request.

"When I was waiting for her to arrive at the hotel I thought I was being stitched up - but we had a great night together.

"She has an amazing figure and acts so much younger than her age. I've had relationships with older women in the past but Joan is completely on my wavelength.

"She's got a huge sex drive and I can't keep up with her - she's like a formula one racing car.

"The only time we argue is about stupid stuff like if I'm on the X-Box for too long or spend too much time watching football.

"We also play dominoes and go out walking. She's amazing and I want to spend all my time with her. It's like my mum says, age is just a number.

"I want to stay with Joan forever. There are plenty of kids around, so I'm not worried about not being able to have kids of our own.

"She's in such good shape, I'm not worried about her going anywhere soon."

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