05/06/2012 09:18 BST | Updated 04/08/2012 06:12 BST

E3 2012: Nintendo Announces NintendoLand Virtual Theme Park, Super Mario Bros U

Nintendo has unveiled a virtual theme park which it says will introduce its new gaming console to the world.

The park - 'NintendoLand' - will be the flagship title for the company's Wii U console, the successor to the popular Wii.

At its E3 keynote in Los Angeles, Nintendo said the theme park will feature 12 "experiences" or mini games which will show off the console at its best.

NintendoLand will include games based around the Legend of Zelda, Luigi's Mansion and Donkey Kong, the company said.

Nintendo also unveiled the latest Mario game which will be launched with the new console.

Super Mario Bros U will feature improved multiplayer and cooperative modes, and HD graphics. It will also utilise Nintendo's innovative "second screen" gamepad, as well as characters and levels familiar from previous games.

Super Mario Bros. U Screenshots

Nintendo's keynote followed similar events by Microsoft and Sony where they also unveiled new games and features - but no new consoles - at the world's largest video game conference.

Other announcements made at the press event included:

Batman Arkham City: Armoured Edition: A Wii U-specific version of the popular Dark Knight game.

Pikmin 3: A new strategy game for Wii U

Wii Fit U: A new fitness peripheral based on the popular Wii Fit.

WIi U: Lego City: A 'Grand Theft Auto' for kids based in the Lego universe.

Take a look below for more details on all the announcements via our liveblog.