04/06/2012 11:52 BST

MysteryGuitarMan's Stop Motion Super Mario Bros. (VIDEO)

MysteryGuitarMan is one of those YouTube heroes that posts audio/visual wonderment on a regular basis, mostly centring around - you guessed it - his guitar.

His latest, however, does not feature a guitar - it features an Italian plumber with a rather large soft spot for mushrooms, flashing stars and yellow boxes with question marks on the side.

But it does have a lot of stop motion, MGM's (our term) other favourite thing to play about with - and as you'll see from the video above, it all gets rather silly (and rather wonderful) pretty quickly.

So, Nintendo fans, take a look and let us know what you think in the comment box below. Plus, when you're done with that, take a look at our stop motion video gallery here too - you won't be disappointed!