04/06/2012 04:29 BST | Updated 04/06/2012 04:50 BST

Russell Brand Disses Katy Perry At MTV Movie Awards

Russell Brand took a shot at Katy Perry as he opened the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, telling the crowd he was on the hunt for his "next wife" at the show.

The funnyman didn't hold back as host of the star-studded California ceremony, cracking jokes about everyone from Justin Bieber to Michael Fassbender.

His monologue even included a few digs at Katy - he joked to the audience: "I ended up married to someone that I met at an MTV event, so I'm keeping my eyes peeled for my next wife."

russell brand

Russell at the MTV Movie Awards

He added: "Wait till you hear what I've got to say about short-lived celebrity marriages!" before turning to Kim Kardashian and thanking her for her headline-making 72-day union last year.

He said, "I admire Kim Kardashian a lot... Kim took a load of pressure off me with her world record quick marriage. Cheers Kim," and then begged her to make a new sex tape with current boyfriend, rapper Kanye West.

Russell quipped, "I think of Kim Kardashian as the Stanley Kubrick of sex tapes. They're always brilliant but he only does one a decade."

russell brand katy perry

Russell and Katy

Poor John Travolta also got a lashing - Russell said that he prepped for the movie awards by giving the Grease actor a massage: "And he needed it man, God he needed that massage! He was so stiff, I'm telling ya."

Singling out Charlie Sheen in the crowd, Russell told him, "I've taped a bottle of Hennessey and a gram of coke under your chair. In case I start going crazy, just nick it and do a couple of lines. Release the 'tiger blood' hero!"


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