05/06/2012 08:01 BST | Updated 05/06/2012 08:03 BST

Arlene Philips Praises Cheryl Cole's Dancing: 'People Don't Give Her Enough Credit'

Arlene Phillips is squarely in Team Cheryl.

The former Strictly Come Dancing judge insists the Girls Aloud beauty may not have the best pipes, but her dance moves make her Britain's most talented pop star.

Ms Cole has come under fire for miming and relying on Auto-Tune to improve her vocals in the past, with some critics even arguing that she didn't deserve to perform at the Diamond Jubilee concert on Monday.

However, Arlene has now come to Cheryl's defence - she insists the Fight For This Love hitmaker deserves more recognition than she gets.

cheryl cole

Cheryl Cole at the Queen's Jubilee concert on Monday

She told The Sun: "People just don't give Cheryl the credit for the fact she can dance. Not all pop stars can dance but she has the ability to lead her own video."

Arlene even thinks Cheryl could have been a prima ballerina if she had kept up her childhood training.

The choreographer added: "Cheryl was a scholarship girl at the Royal Ballet summer school, aged nine, which you only get if you've got a beautiful physique, beautiful feet and turned out legs.

"Had she worked and continued to train she could have been a sensational dancer. She's also cute and adorable.