06/06/2012 09:48 BST | Updated 06/06/2012 09:51 BST

Sydney University Student Union Funds Anti-Abortion Group

One of Australia's most prestigious universities is to subsidise an anti-abortion group with thousands of dollars a year through its student union.

The University of Sydney's student union will give LifeChoice Sydney $4,000 a year, the equivalent of £2,550.

LifeChoice's President Rebecca Elias told Christian Today it was "important" the group had the "right to express its views."

“While not everyone may agree with our view, it is important that we as equal members of our Union be allowed to express it," she said.

The group's Facebook page says its aims are to "promote the dignity of human life from conception to natural death, through reasonable and informed discussion on the issues of abortion and euthanasia in Australian society."

However Annabel Osborn, Students' Representative Council member told the Sydney Morning Herald the group were "discriminatory to women and an affront to women's rights."

After the decision by the students' union the anti-abortion group said in a statement they were "very happy" and planned to foster discussion amongst students "on Pro-Life issues."

"We are all very happy about the result so that we can get to the business of fostering discussion amongst students on Pro-Life issues."