06/06/2012 11:30 BST | Updated 06/08/2012 06:12 BST

ClamBook Wants To Turn Your Phone Into A Laptop (PHOTOS)

Among the many trends to come out of the E3 gaming conference in LA - and Computex in Taiwan - is the idea of combining your various devices into one magical computer.

Whether its a laptop with a tablet on top, or a gaming console you can use on your phone, it's all about convergence. If you can figure out how it works.

ClamCase has a new idea. It's said to be launching a laptop-like device (rather a MacBook like device...) powered entirely by your phone.

Working with both iOS and Android phones via a single cable, the idea is to provide a super-thin laptop form-factor on which you can use your favourite apps.

We have no real idea exactly how this works - and ClamCase haven't shown anything except a few renders. But it reminds us of the similar-looking Motorola Atrix which won hearts at CES 2011 before disappearing into virtual tech oblivion shortly after launch.

Fortunately for Motorole Webtop users, though, the ClamCase is said to support that also.

Anyway, if this is ever released (current release date is 'Fall 2012') then it could be a nice way to use your phone in a new environment.