06/06/2012 06:21 BST | Updated 06/06/2012 09:27 BST

Five Synchronised Kittens In A Bowl (VIDEO)

Five kittens chilling out in a big ol' bowl would be cute enough, but five kittens chilling out in a big ol' bowl while staring at the same thing in a synchronised manner? Well, that's almost too cute.

But that's what we've got for you here, pointed in your direction thanks to a cat rescue shelter in Italy, who thought it might amuse the world to see a bunch of ickle pussikins staring at an unknown waving thing.

Thinking about it, are there any cuter cat-based videos out there in the whole of internet-land? The answer: yes - but they're cartoon cats, and they're drawn by Simon Tofield, and you can check out his animated handiwork below, you lucky things...