06/06/2012 11:52 BST | Updated 06/06/2012 12:34 BST

'Sh*t Americans Say To British People' Is Almost Too True (VIDEO)

Back in late December 2011, a viral sensation was born. That viral sensation was 'Sh*t girls say', a 79 second mini-masterpiece of online comedy writing from Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard.

In it, Mr. Sheppard dresses up as a woman and says a variety of phrases and expressions he's noted women around him saying over the years, all cut together in a very quick fashion so that it feels like a waterfall of stereotypical womanly expressions.

Sure, it borders on the sexist - it practically sets up camp there at times - but there's a distinct feeling that ladykind is very much in on the joke, with Juliette Lewis getting in on the chuckle-bringing action over the next few episodes.

Now, dozens and dozens of homages/parodies to the clip have emerged, with everyone from web designers to students getting a 'Sh*t people say' grilling on YouTube.

But today we've unearthed one that'll amuse Huffington Post UK Comedy fans in particular: 'Sh*t Americans Say To British People', which lists all those nuggets you've heard on holiday in the US over the years - "How well do you know The Queen?" and the like - until you're giggling all over the shop/room/area surrounding your desk.

Of course, our American friends have now crafted their response - 'Sh*t British People Say In The USA Say' - which leads our video slideshow below...