08/06/2012 08:03 BST

Robert Pattinson: 'I Argued With Adele'

Robert Pattinson has revealed he once had a bizarre argument with Adele about fame.

The singer could very well be writing a diss track about Rob for her next album after the Twilight actor decided to pick a fight with her.

robert pattinson

He admitted he made a massive faux pas after preaching to the Someone Like You hitmaker about being a celebrity.

Rob told Movieline: "You kind of, you have all these fantasies: 'If I wasn't famous I'd meet all these random people in the street all the time.' But you don't meet random people in the street. Most of the time you're trying to avoid everybody even if you're not famous.

"Actually I had this argument with Adele, which is probably the most ridiculous thing I've ever said.


"I was saying, 'You know, you can really just like reach for it,' and she was like, 'You do realise I am like the biggest-selling female artist ever?'

"And I just for some reason just decided to get into an argument with her. I woke up the next morning kind of really, really regretting every word I said."


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