08/06/2012 12:33 BST

Sandra Bullock Puts Her $2.5m Texas Mansion Up For Sale... Let's Take A Snoop Round

Have you got a spare $2.5m burning a hole in your pocket? You do? Well step this way because a certain Sandra Bullock is selling up and you could soon be admiring the views of errrm, Texas that her sprawling property has to offer.

sandra bullock

sb views

The luxurious mansion - in the Texas' capital of Austin - boasts an outdoor pool, tennis court, wine cellar and hot tub.

You'll need to stock up on Windolene though - this place has a LOT of glass windows - although we're pretty sure Sandra has someone who comes round to do hers for her.

sb front

And despite the hefty price tag, the property only has three bedrooms. Still, that should keep unwanted surprise visits from the in-laws at bay.