11/06/2012 10:20 BST | Updated 11/06/2012 10:24 BST

Baha Mousa Death: Army Doctor Derek Keilloh Accused Of Cover-Up

An Army doctor has been accused of a cover-up over the death of Iraqi detainee Baha Mousa following his death at the hands of British soldiers.

Dr Derek Keilloh, appearing before the General Medical Council (GMC) on Monday, claimed he only spotted dried blood around the nose of the hotel receptionist who was arrested by soldiers from the 1st Battalion, Queen's Lancashire Regiment (QLR) in a swoop against insurgents during the Iraq conflict in 2003.

In fact Mr Mousa, 26, was hooded, handcuffed and beaten to a pulp before he died 36 hours after first being arrested and held at the Army detention centre in the southern Iraq city of Basra.

derek keilloh baha mousa

Dr Derek Keilloh was today accused of a cover-up over the death of Iraqi detainee Baha Mousa

His body swollen and bruised, Mr Mousa suffered 93 separate injuries - including fractured ribs and a broken nose.

Dr Keilloh supervised a failed resuscitation attempt of the shirtless Mr Mousa in a desperate bid to save the detainee's life.

But the doctor, at the time the Captain and Regimental Medical Officer of the QLR, has always maintained he did not see the victim's catalogue of injuries.

He is appearing before the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service, a new arm of the GMC dealing with allegations of misconduct against doctors.

Dr Keilloh denies dishonesty and misconduct in his treatment of Mr Mousa and other detainees and by way of evidence he gave at courts martial and a public inquiry into the incident.