11/06/2012 06:01 BST | Updated 11/06/2012 06:02 BST

Chick Vs. Cat - Who Wins? (VIDEO)

So the internet has already seen what happens when a baby bunny squares off against a kitten, but today the world of cute has done that video viral one better with this chick and cat clip.

Like David Vs. Goliath before them, this unnamed chicklet and Oscar the tabby cat look each other dead in the eye before the rumble kicks off.

We're nervous just writing about it. Or, as everyone's unfunny uncle would say, we're feeling a little chicken just writing about it. Ahem. Sorry about that.

And to make up for that absolute clanger, here's a video gallery of other chick-based videos for you to coo and caw at. Enjoy!