11/06/2012 13:40 BST

Christian Doctor Who Allegedly Tried To Convert Patients Claims He Has Been 'Denied A Proper Hearing'

A Christian GP who asked a troubled patient if he had considered faith in Jesus said he is being "denied a proper hearing" after a medical watchdog ruled his accuser can give evidence in private and over the telephone.

A General Medical Council (GMC) Investigation Committee, which is examining the case of Dr Richard Scott, ruled today that the man who made the complaint - referred to only as Patient A - will not have to appear at the hearing in Manchester in person.

Dr Scott, 51, a committed Christian who has worked as a medical missionary in Kenya and Africa, spoke about the matter of religion to the 24-year-old, at the end of a consultation at his surgery in Margate, Kent, in August 2010.

After today's ruling, he said: "I, and every GP, should be outraged at this decision by our professional body.

"There are thousands of doctors across the land who hold one-to-one consultations with patients every day.

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"As professionals, it is right that there are proper procedures in place for complaints to be made and heard, but for any professional not to be given the opportunity to cross-examine a complainant face-to-face and for the case to be tried without such evidence would be plainly wrong."

Dr Scott concluded: "I am being denied a proper hearing and unless this case is finally decided in my favour, I will be seeking further legal advice as to a Judicial Review of the GMC's handling of its disciplinary procedures, as the amateur and unjust way this trial is being conducted is an insult to me and to every member of the medical profession.

The ruling was made on the first day of a planned four-day hearing which, if it went against Dr Scott, could result in a formal warning for the GP.

This is not a fitness to practise hearing, which could result in him being struck off.

Dr Scott, who has been practising for 28 years and is being treated for bowel cancer, has previously accused the GMC of having an "anti-Christian bias".