Ashton Kutcher Sets To Work On The Role Of Apple Founder Steve Jobs (PHOTOS)

Ashton Kutcher has set to work playing the late tech mogul Steve Jobs.

The actor was spotted on the first day of production, sporting a beard and long hair, and looking acceptably similar to the Apple founder, who died last year.

Kutcher was on set at the entrepeneur's childhood home, for the shooting of Jobs, due for release next year. He could be seen filming scenes in the garage, where the real-life Jobs was known to have started building computers.

A barefoot Kutcher was joined by his co-star Josh Gad, who plays Jobs' original business partner Steve Wozniak in the film.

Kutcher has appeared in a string of films - including The Butterfly Effect, No Strings Attached and Valentine's Day - as well as a generally favourably received role in Two and a Half Men, but has become as famous for his off-screen life, with a high-profile split from actress Demi Moore last year.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher through the years: