14/06/2012 10:05 BST | Updated 14/06/2012 11:56 BST

David Mitchell Returns To His Soapbox (VIDEO)

David Mitchell is back doing what he does best: getting on his soapbox and sounding off about everything and anything.

Yes, the Peep Show and 10 O’clock Live star has joined forces with ChannelFlip to make a fourth series of his interweb videos, David Mitchell’s Soapbox. And you can check out the first one - in which he tackles carb-free diets -above.

“I’m always excited to work with David on Soapbox, but this season’s looking particularly tremendous," said ChannelFlip’s Content Director Jamie Lennox. "When you have to keep cutting camera because the crew’s laughing, that’s a great sign. By take eight that can get pretty irritating, but it’s still a great sign…”

There's also a twist to the new series: a competition to find 'the next David Mitchell'. It launches on 5 July and will be an invitation to viewers to submit their own comedy videos for a chance to win £10,000, a year’s development deal with ChannelFlip Media, plus coaching with Mitchell himself.

Check out new episodes every week on the David Mitchell's Soapbox channel on YouTube - and in the meantime, we've rounded up 10 of his previous best, below. If you want to win the competition, we suggest you get watching... and learning!