14/06/2012 09:30 BST | Updated 14/06/2012 09:36 BST

OHEA Smart Bed Makes Itself - Plus Other Inventions For Lazy People (VIDEO)

Do you hate making your bed in the morning? Free yourself of the menial task of tucking in your bed sheets by getting a robot-bed making machine to do it for you.

Yes, really.

Created by Spanish furniture company, OHEA, the new automated bed-maker snaps into action three seconds after the person has pulled himself or herself out of bed.

The duvet is attached at the base of the bed frame, allowing the robotic arms to grab either side and straighten out your duvet.

But in case you're worried the bed robot will tuck you in before you’ve got out – there is a safety switch that allows sleepy heads to change the settings to manual.

As the duvet is straightened, the pillows are stretched by internal cords and then lifted over the top of the duvet. But they don’t fluff them. Shame.

No further details on price or availability have been released by OHEA and on the official website, it simply hints that it’s ‘on sale soon’.

Are we really so strapped for time that we need a robot to do a job that takes less than a minute?

Unfortunately, Huffpo Lifestyle predicts a sell-out.

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