15/06/2012 08:57 BST

Cheryl Cole: 'I've Seen Harry Styles In His Pants'

Cheryl Cole might only be 28 but she's already in danger of being labelled a cougar - and suffering the wrath of One Direction fans - after admitting she'd seen Harry Styles in his pants.


Cheryl grew close to Harry and his 1D bandmates when they competed on The X Factor in 2010.

cheryl cole

In a new interview with Sugarscape, Cheryl revealed she'd witnessed an (almost) naked Harry - but despite Harry's well known love for an older woman, Chez admitted she sees him more as a brother than a lover.

"Harry? I've seen Harry in his boxer shorts.

"Harry's a little brother type, but I get it, the girls go crazy for him - and the women."

Cheryl - who's pictured here leaving her hotel in Paris where she is currently on the promo trail - also joked that she is the reason the boys have cracked the US.

cheryl cole

"I took credit for [them] on Twitter - I Twittered the boys, saying, 'Remember who really mentored you when Simon wasn't around!'

"There was a couple of weekends where Simon was poorly and I had to mentor them, so I take full responsibility for all their success - and over the pond, I think it's all me."