15/06/2012 06:01 BST | Updated 15/06/2012 06:32 BST

Rachel Weisz Talks Training For 'The Bourne Legacy': 'I'm Naturally Very Muscly'

Rachel Weisz has revealed she did not pump iron ahead of her role in action thriller The Bourne Legacy as she didn't want to become "huge".

The 42-year-old actress - who has been taking Pilates lessons since the birth of her son Henry in 2006 - told Vogue magazine the training she has done for Bourne is "totally different" to what her husband Daniel Craig has to do to prepare to play James Bond.

Rachel said: "If I lifted weights I'd get huge. I'm naturally very muscly, so I'm kind of into general and moderate."

The Oscar-winning actress stars opposite Jeremy Renner in the new Bourne film, as a "nice, normal regular person" who ends up with Jeremy's character Aaron Cross, one of the super soldiers of secret government training programme Treadstone.

She revealed: "I'm not playing a superhero, I don't have superpowers. I don't even have a gun.

"That's really what I love about it, that as this type of film goes it's not implausible."

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