Russell Brand Opens Dalai Lama Talk For Young People At The Manchester Arena

His Holiness the Dalai Lama was joined onstage by Russell Brand on Saturday as he spokes to thousands of youngsters at the Manchester Arena.

The talk, entitled 'Stand Up and Be the Change', is part of a national tour by the Dalai Lama as he spreads a message of non-violence, dialogue and universal responsibility.

The choice of Russell Brand, who is known for his stand-up routines based on sex, drugs and profanity, to act as MC for the event has raised a few eyebrows.

Brand said the talk was "a chance to see one of the most enlightened and brilliant people on our planet"

But as he explained to The Sun, the teachings of the 76-year-old Buddhist are something he can relate to and something that he thinks young people need to hear.

He said: "Our culture is dominated by pretty basic stuff, football – which I love – consuming products – this can be fun – and sex – obviously this is a splendid hobby. But do these things really make us happy and is there more to life?

"I reckon he will ask the young people of this country to consider what they want from life and to contemplate what they must do to get it. What is the source of happiness and what are our obligations to ourselves and each other?"

The Dalai Lama will continue his tour, speaking at the Royal Albert Hall in London on 19th June before heading to Scotland.