18/06/2012 07:43 BST | Updated 18/08/2012 06:12 BST

Marion Le Pen Wins In French Elections, To Become Youngest MP In Modern History

Marion le Pen, a 22 year old law student, has become the youngest MP in modern political history by gaining a seat in the French parliamentary elections.

The fresh-faced MP, who represents the far-right National Front, gained the party's first seat in the French parliament for over 20 years, and won despite her aunt, Marine le Pen, failing to gain a seat.

Marine le Pen also failed to secure the French presidency last month when it was won by the socialist candidate Francois Hollande. She remains an MEP, one of three French National Front politicians to sit in the European Parliament.

Marion le Pen celebrates with her grandfather Jean-Marie le Pen, who founded the National Front

At such a tender age Marion le Pen has become France's youngest elected national politician and analysts are struggling to find another MP so young in other countries. The French parliament has not seen an MP so young since 1958.

Marion le Pen will take the Provençal constituency in the southeast of the country, and speaking on Sunday night said: "I am happy to be the spokeswoman for this French youth, that tomorrow will be spearhead new hope in the shape of the National Front."

The youngest MP at Westminster is the Labour MP Pamela Nash, who became the "baby of the house" when she was elected two years ago at the age of 25.

The National Front used the French parliamentary elections to try to dispel the notion that they are racist and stood on a platform which called for France to ditch the euro and curb immigration.

Overall the French elections saw Francois Hollande's socialist party winning an outright majority, meaning the president will be able to push through his programme of fiscal stimulus. France is also likely to introduce a Financial Transaction Tax, also known as a "Tobin Tax", something fiercely opposed by the British government.