19/06/2012 05:41 BST | Updated 21/06/2012 06:29 BST

Did Jimmy Carr Follow His Own Tax Avoidance Advice? (VIDEO)

UPDATE: Jimmy Carr apologises for "error of judgement" over tax affairs

According to The Times, Jimmy Carr is among thousands of wealthy British people "who pay as little as 1% income tax using 'below the radar accounting methods'."

Which is strange. Because back in February 2011, Carr was lampooning Barclays bank for paying - you guessed it - just 1% tax.

Just take a look at his 10 O'Clock Live sketch above, in which he plays a cashier promoting the 'Barclays 1% tax scam'.

"What you do is what Barclays did," he says - the first step being to hire "the world's biggest, most aggressive team of amoral, blood-hungry tax lawyers."

When approached by The Times, Carr's lawyers "denied any wrong-doing and said that the scheme had been disclosed to the relevant bodies in accordance with legal requirements". Quite right, too. And we're sure Barclays' lawyers did absolutely the same thing...