Michael Jackson Flash Mob Marriage Proposal Takes Over New York Park (VIDEO)


Planning on proposing to your other half any time soon? After watching this Michael Jackson-themed flash mob proposal video, you may want to up your game somewhat.

Following in the footsteps of numerous uber-elaborate marriage requests from loved-up boyfriends we've seen online of late - remember the live lip dub marriage proposal? - it's raising the bar for anyone who wants to be a Mr. and Mrs. in the near future.

Perhaps the best way of looking at it would be to treat it as inspiration. How will you top a brass band, a dancing flash mob and a cascade of glitter? You could write "Will you marry me?" in the sky with a remote control helicopter, or dress up as Super Mario and ask her to be your wife as you break dance in Times Square... there are plenty of options.

But whatever you do, remember this: be sure to have a camera recording nearby - after all, the internet needs you!

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