21/06/2012 06:22 BST | Updated 21/06/2012 06:40 BST

Jeffery Deaver Discusses New Novel 'XO' (INTERVIEW)

Jeffery Deaver, America's prolific literary A-lister whose crime novels command a devout following around the world, is back today with his new novel XO.

Reviving his Kathryn Dance character last seen in 2009's Roadside Crosses, the novel traces Dance's attempts to save a talented American country singer called Kayleigh Towne from the clutches of a crazed stalker who believes he hears secret messages in her songs.

The novel contains the usual twists and turns fan have came to expect from a Deaver novel, but there's a multimedia element to the release that may well take people by surprise - Deaver, a former musician himself, didn't only write Towne's songs but recorded them too in an audio clip available on his website.

We caught up with Deaver about writing XO, producing the music and what he has planned next.

XO's UK release comes shortly after the paperback edition of Deaver's James Bond novel Carte Blanche last month, when we also talked to him about the pressure of taking on the 007 legacy and what he loves about the world's favourite spy.