25/06/2012 08:56 BST | Updated 24/08/2012 10:12 BST

'Natalie Westerman' Picks Bad Weekend To Be Named '@Natwest' On Twitter

When Natalie Westerman was thinking of what to call her Twitter account, shortening her name to '@Natwest' seemed like a good idea.


After Natwest's recent computer glitch, which left thousands of people without access to their money, hundreds of Twitter users have been sending angry, abusive messages to what they thought was the official bank's Twitter account.

Instead they have been reaching a patient, but frustrated young woman.

And while she has been responding to as many messages as possible with a helpful redirect to the official account (@Natwest_help) and a smily emoticon, the volume of abuse has steadily increased:

Natalie insists that she's not annoyed by the messages, and that she's had the account for 'years'.

"I've been very polite and redirected people rather than moaning in any way," she said on Twitter.

It's "less unfortunate more hilarious" she said.

The case recalls that of a woman from America who happened to be named @theashes on Twitter during the England-Australia cricket tournament.

When she complained that "she was not a freaking cricket match" her follower count jumped from 300 to 6,000.

She was eventually offered a free trip to Australia and started a line of comedy T-shirts.

In the meantime any irritated Natwest customers can contact the bank's real Twitter account here.