26/06/2012 08:03 BST

Anti-Cheating Ring From TheCheeky Makes It Harder For Your Loved One To Stray

Trust and love might be the traditional cornerstones of a successful marriage but one website has a different idea of what keeps two people bound together.

Inspiring by the roving hands of some celebrity hubbies, the has designed an anti-cheating ring for when affection and adoration just isn't enough.

The anti-cheating ring leaves a mark on your beloved's finger

The tongue-in-cheek wedding band, seen on has the inscription 'I'm married' on the underside.

If an attractive woman or man makes eyes with your partner across a crowded bar, any crafty attempt by your beloved to slip off their wedding ring and flirt like a singleton will be foiled. With this piece of jewellery the mark left behind reveals the wearer's marital status.

The anti-cheating ring available on

Of course, it's rather like a lie detector on the Jeremy Kyle show: if you need one, your relationship is probably in need of swift review.

However we suspect this £352 ($550) ring is a spoof design. Next to the ring lists the description:

Material: Made of strengthened Titanium. Life time guarantee, ‘til death and all that.