Lost Star Naveen Andrews Admits He Was Baffled By Lost - AND He Never Watched It...

If you thought it was just you who didn't understand the ending of Lost... don't worry, it's not. One of the cast had admitted he didn't have a clue what was going on, either.

Naveen Andrews has admitted he was baffled by the show's wacky conclusion, but he had a valid excuse. Apparently, despite being in it, he avoided watching an entire episode of the hit series.

Surely he's supposed to know what's going on?

The British actor, who played Sayid Jarrah in the story of plane crash survivors on a remote tropical island, tuned into the original pilot to get a feel for the programme but never watched the show again throughout its six-season, seven-year run.

When the dramatic conclusion aired in 2010, it met with a confused response from many viewers - and Andrews had to rely on shock-rocker Marilyn Manson, a huge fan of the show, for assurances that the ending 'worked'.

He told Daybreak, "I was very confused just because I never saw the show. I saw the pilot, you know, because you have to have some knowledge of the piece that you are in, but I never saw an episode of Lost.

"So, you know, when the end came, I had people like Marilyn Manson, of all people, trying to convince me that they had resolved it really well and it all made sense. He's a real fan... He's almost like a deranged fan. Almost."