Phil Brown, Ex-Hull City Manager, Suggests Andrea Pirlo Is 'Homophobic' For Not Playing In Premier League

Phil Brown has a cult following thanks to his gaffes: Hull City's on-pitch team talk at Manchester City, having a sing-song when they stayed up in the Premier League, that headset, that fake tan and that pink jumper. But now he has called Andrea Pirlo homophobic because... he isn't playing in the Premier League.

Where to start? A dictionary, perhaps. Brown possibly meant "Anglophobic", but instead committed a gaffe which nonsensically suggested Pirlo has a fear, and hatred, of homosexuals.

"Why for the life of me hasn't the likes of Pirlo played in England? Is he just homophobic, is he just Italian through and through and doesn't want to leave there?"

Don't believe it? Listen to the video.