Pop Art: Nagai Hideyuki's Incredible 3D Sketches


Talk about pop-up art - these stunning sketches look as if they are bursting from a humble sketch pad.

Talented artist Hide - real-name Nagai Hideyuki - uses pencils and crayons to create amazing scenes that appear three-dimensional.

The 21-year-old from Japan uses two ordinary drawing pads on which to work his surreal ideas.

Using the Trompe-l'œil technique - French for 'deceives the eye' - he employs a projection technique called anamorphosis to create the illusion of three dimensions when viewed from the correct angle.

The result is an impressive monochrome world featuring weird creatures and 3D structures.

Hide says he was influenced by British 3D street artist Julian Beever but is secretive about how he creates his own works.

He explains: "I had a life unrelated to an art when I was a teenager but I loved comics very much.

"When I was 17 years old I aimed at becoming a cartoonist, but I did not have the talent to draw comics and gave up.

"Three years later I was an ordinary college student when I got to know street 3D art from seeing it in a newspaper at university. The story was about an artist called Julian Beever.

"I thought that I could draw art on the street in Japan, but I realised it would be against the law. Then I began to draw 3D art on paper."

3D Sketch Pad Art

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