27/06/2012 11:02 BST

Top 20 Greatest Soap Moments Of The Last 20 Years - What's Your Favourite? (VIDEOS)

The top 20 soap moments of the last 20 years, including multiple deaths, affairs and plenty of slaps, have been compiled by Inside Soap to celebrate the magazine's 20th birthday.

Included in the list is that famous lesbian kiss on Brookside, the time Sonia gave birth on EastEnders without realising she was pregnant, and the moment Corrie's beloved Deidre was sent to prison.

Plus, there are classics such as Corrie's tram crash in 2010 and EastEnders' "Your not my mother – Yes I am!' moment with Kat and Zoe.

The scenes were chosen by a panel at Inside Soap based on the magazine's own favourite moments, the impact they had for the soap storylines and the bottom line of viewing figures.

Take a look at all of them in our video slideshow below and let us know your favourite soap moment below...have we missed anything obvious?

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