02/07/2012 06:12 BST

British Youth 'Fearing Debt And Unemployment'

Britain's young people are concerned about their futures, with many worried about getting into debt and finding a job, a survey has found.

It reveals that just half (52%) of young people think they will be better off financially in the future compared to their parents, with the rest saying they will be worse off, or see no difference.

Two thirds (67%) of the 14 to 18-year-olds questioned by Young Enterprise said that they worry about being in debt in the future, with girls more concerned about this than boys (74% compared to 59%).

The findings show that just three fifths (59%) believe their school or college has been successful in preparing them for the working world.

Younger teenagers were more positive than older students - 64% of 14-year-olds said their school was successful at this compared to 54% of 18-year-olds.

Out of the 1,051 14-18-year-old's questioned (56%), more than half said they are concerned about their chances of getting a job, with 69% saying they thought their parents' financial circumstances could influence their opportunities in life.

Young Enterprise chief executive Michael Mercieca said it was "worrying" that young people "fear they face a growing threat of debt and unemployment".

He added: "It is also deeply concerning that young people feel their social class will pre-determine how successful they will be in life. High academic qualifications are needed. But schools should be giving young people the aptitudes that will help them shrug off class barriers and boost social mobility by helping them create their own jobs and businesses."