04/07/2012 11:04 BST | Updated 04/07/2012 11:19 BST

Fictional Fitties: The Rakish Rivals To Christian Grey

Christian '50 Shades Of Grey' Grey may have ignited the passions of bored housewives worldwide, but as literary hunks go, he's a rookie. Albeit one who's trying very hard.

Because there have been heart throbs in literature since the very beginning - indeed, even in the first (oft-disputed) novel, Aphra Behn's 1688 Oroonoko, a total babe was at the centre of the narrative.

So if we were to set up an imaginary version of Take Me Out with these fictional lovelies, who would you keep your light on for?

Are gentle giants, romping horse riders or brooding baddies more your kinda guy? Luckily, there's a literary love icon for every reader.

Let us know in the comments below if we've missed out your favourite.

11 Fictional Fitties