03/07/2012 16:28 BST | Updated 02/09/2012 10:12 BST

Eszter Burghardt's 'Sagas' Creates Beautiful Landscapes Out Of Wool

Something about Eszter Burghardt's wooly landscapes reminds us of playing when we were very young.

That long-lost ability to look at any object - a chair for example, and see not a chair but towering platform or a perilous edge, some sort of other world we could inhabit with our imagination and incorporate into our games.

Of course Wooly Sagas isn't just about imagination but a gift for photography, as fuzzy wool in a range of colours is arranged, lit and snapped with a macro lens to look like geographical terrains.

wooly magma

Wooly Magma by Eszter Burghardt

Icebergs looming out of still waters, great, gurgling volcanoes and peaceful pastorals are all within the Vancouver-based artist's range, who was inspired to create this series by travelling through Iceland.

Talking to us about her work via email, Burghardt said that the photos had attracted a "curious and supportive" reaction from the professional photographer community and a "successful one" from the general public.

What do you think? Impressive art or just wooly thinking?

Wooly Landscapes