04/07/2012 19:22 BST | Updated 05/07/2012 09:27 BST

Chantal Marshall, Mum Of Britain's Most Cosmetically Enhanced Family, Pushes 14-Year-Old Daughter To Have Boob Job (PICTURES)

Britney Marshall has just turned 14 - yet her mum is already pressing her to get a boob job.

But perhaps that is no surprise as Britney is the youngest daughter in Britain's most cosmetically enhanced family.

Mum Chantal Marshall and her four eldest daughters have all had multiple boob jobs - costing a total of £50,000 together.

They are known as The Kardashians of the East Midlands because of their obsession with their looks - just like the famous reality TV family from America.


Chantal, an at-home psychic who also has four sons, has had four boob jobs and is currently a size 32GG.

Daughters Ripley, 21, and Tara, 26, have both had two boob jobs, while older sisters Terri, 27, and Emma, 30 - former topless models - have had three each.

Beautician Ripley is a 32DD, stay-at-home mum Tara is a 34F, horse trainer Terri is a 34HH, while Emma, also a beautician, is a 32GG like her mum.

Altogether they have had 2800 ccs of silicone added to their breasts - nearly three litres.

The only female in the family who hasn't had her boobs done is Britney - but Chantal has already started pushing her youngest to get implants when she is 18 so she can be like the rest of the family.