05/07/2012 05:46 BST | Updated 05/07/2012 06:06 BST

Ex-Lover App Alerts Friends If You Attempt A Drunken Dial... And If You Try Again, Facebook Broadcasts Your Shame (VIDEO)

ex lover blocker

We've all been there. Moping over the one who got away. Sleep walking through life, remembering all those great times. Bursting into tears at the sight of an ex-lover's toothbrush still on the bathroom sink, a painful memento of what once was.

After the initial heart-wrenching misery comes denial. The "what ifs?", the conviction you can redo all the wrongs. And then comes the drunken dial.

The call which, whether answered or not, brands you forever as a hysterical loser in your former partner's eyes.

Well stop right there. A new app will help you cling onto your last vestiges of dignity, by blocking your phone from calling THAT number.

The “Ex Lover Blocker” will register your attempt and instead notify three friends nominated by you of your nefarious intentions.


While they race to your aid/ berate you for skating on increasingly thin “hysterical loser ice”, you may well be stubborn enough to give it another go.

And if you do, the app logs into your Facebook account and posts an update revealing your near slip, presumably on the proviso the humiliation will stop you in your tracks. (This is only a good thing if you've had the common sense to de-friend your ex so they can't read of your fragile state.)

The app can’t lock you in your house, so if you’re willing to go one further and tearfully turn up at their house with armfuls of roses that’s your call.

It was created to promote Brazilian soft drink company Guarana Antarctica, but it also works as a stand alone service.

Although currently only available in Portuguese, the gist is simple enough, and is certainly worth a shot if you're on a crash course to break-up oblivion.