08/07/2012 14:14 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Snake Attacks Sleeping Baby

This is the stuff of every parent's nightmare: you go in to comfort your crying baby and discover a snake wrapped around his foot!

Just days before his first birthday William Winan's was napping in his cot, when he was attacked by a python which had escaped from a neighbour's house in Illinois, US.

The baby was treated for bites and bruise marks and is doing well, according to his dad, Devin Winans.

Snake attacks sleeping baby ABC News

"If the snake had wrapped around his neck, honestly, we probably would not be having his birthday today," Devin told ABC news yesterday.

Devin said he heard his son crying and went to check on him. But when he reached into William's cot he said he felt something 'slimy'.

"I immediately turned the light on and saw the snake, a ball python wrapped around his foot, constricting it and trying to eat his foot," Devin said.

The quick thinking father used a blanket to remove the snake from his son's foot.

Police determined the reptile somehow slithered away from its home next door and issued its owner a citation.